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Chela Login

Non-Indiana Chela Login

ECK chelas login using the month and year of the current Mystic World  (i.e. december2013) as the user name and the last word in the title of Sri Harold's article in the same issue plus the VOL. and issue NO. as the password (i.e. love431) (all lowercase letters in both the username and password) This will give you access to chela events and the chela newsletter.

Indiana Chela Login

Indiana chelas may login using their own login name and password to additionally access the Indiana only pages. If you have yet to register, use the contact form ("Other Links" menu) to request an account. Include your first and last name. When approved by the RESA you will be emailed login instructions. Upon approval you will automatically be added to the ISS public and chela mailing lists. After login, you will be able to access the RESA's blog and the Indiana forum discussion.